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the Art of  HYdroseeding

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More Than just GRASS
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We can think of little that's more appealing than getting new grass, from hydroseeded grasses to sod, we do it all.  Residential yards, construction sites, farms, ponds ....nothing is to big or small

The landscaping of your home and business says a lot about you. If you want yours to say something as unique as you are, we can grade or till your site to get it ready.

Grass is nature's paint; make your yard expressive, beautiful, and captivating with the right selection of grass. And help the environment in the process. Hydroseeding is 1/3 the cost of sod.  Its beautiful, thick and green.  It comes in an as little as 8 days.  Weed free also.

Do you consider how well your landscaping integrates with the natural habitat of your area? Has your home or business found harmony with nature?  Nothing adds to a home or site like green grass

Hydroseeding is what we do.  Here at Green Wave Grass we supply our customers with the nicest greenest grass around.  We make sure our customers are happy.  With a little bit of sun and plenty of water your hydroseeded yard will look amazing in just a few weeks.  Hydroseeding saves you so much money in the long run.  Why pay for sod when you can get the best grass around for pennies a square foot.  We come to you... We work all over Metro Atlanta.  Call today  678-906-9861